KPIs à la Cards

Client: Siemens AG
Service: Classic
Measure success? Quite simple: with KPI Masters card game

The task

Success is measurable – if you use the right KPIs. Siemens has the Periodic Table of KPIs for this purpose. It’s a useful tool that brings together all channels, communication goals and KPIs at a glance. To make this view easier, we have opened up an immediate path to the KPIs.

The implementation

The best way to convince communicators of the benefits of a tool is for them to try it out for themselves. A specially developed card game makes the Periodic Table of KPIs tangible and communication goals, channels and KPIs indispensable elements in an exciting game. It awakens the ambition of the players and thus naturally conveys the know-how behind the Periodic Table of KPIs and shows how easy it is to use.

The result

100% Gamification. At first glance, dry content and messages are conveyed in a playful way – and suddenly really exciting. The game was implemented completely in-house: from the development of the game idea to the design, text and game instructions to the final artwork and production. One thing is for sure: We had at least as much fun implementing the project as our customers had playing it.

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