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Client: Siemens AG
Service: Multimedia
Animated film about the sustainability of the SINAMICS DCP

The task

“Trigger some emotions and create awareness.” Our client needed an animated film in isometric style about their converter and its contribution to sustainability. Both were to be communicated in a fresh and new way – building on an existing film. The additional challenge was to get to the heart of both as briefly as possible, as the examples from the existing film were very technical and very detailed. Nevertheless, the film should not be longer than 90 seconds.

The implementation

So on the one hand, it was about an extreme condensation of the content – and about visualizing the topic of sustainability. We posed the question of what can be done to combat climate change. In an exemplary urban environment, we experience exemplary solutions using different applications of the SINAMICS DCP: Energy is stored and optimized through intelligent use of the inverter.

The result

One minute and 38 seconds, achieved by a finely tuned distribution of information between the animation and readable and spoken texts. The film uses an abstract style to explain quite concretely how the SINAMICS DCP works in the respective application. Strikingly used numerical values show the energy savings or efficiency gains as text in the image. The narrative text follows on from this and provides additional information to reinforce the overall impression. This makes it easy to absorb highly condensed information.


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