Visualize the invisible

Client: Siemens AG
Service: Multimedia
A multimedia animation about temperature monitoring

The task

Switchgear is cool when it’s working – and not “running hot” because something is wrong. Would it be good to know when that happens? That’s the essence behind our little animation.

The implementation

You can’t see temperatures, much less their monitoring… but you can illustrate them with fresh pen strokes. And explain the relatively complex contents clearly, even in “one-thirty”. That is, if you distribute the content comprehensibly between on-screen and voice-over text. In this way, animation, voice and text information work together optimally and convey the message.

The result

Concept, storyboard, animation development and production from a single source in close coordination with the customer: In this way, a short film was created about a topic that experts tend to dwell on for a long time. For the sales department, this is a “foot in the door” with the customer, because the story is told from his point of view. And last but not least, the basis for playing with the topic on other channels as well; three snippets in German and English were created especially for social media use.


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