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Contactless contacts in corona times

The task

Actually, everything was already planned for Siemens Energy Marine’s big trade show appearance at SMM 2021. But with the contact ban in the pandemic, another way to the customer had to be found, contact without contact, so to speak.

The implementation

Together with the customer, a special format was developed – the Siemens Marine Expert Talks. Siemens Marine invited experts from the industry and from its own company to five online discussion rounds on the latest trends, but also on the pioneering innovations for the global marine industry. The participants were connected via MS Teams video links from their respective locations – a captain directly from on board his ship.

The result

We were able to pre-produce the participants’ contributions to the conversation offline, which took a lot of pressure off the schedule. They were then combined with the presenter’s studio recordings in postproduction to create the impression of a live conversation. The chosen studio setting is a refreshingly authentic alternative to the artificial-looking green-screen sets with their virtually generated 3D environments that are frequently used currently.


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