KURZ @ CES 2022

Service: Live-Communications
Mission (in)visible – a hidden champion unveils itself

The Task

Where there’s KURZ inside, there’s usually not KURZ on it. We encounter intelligent technology from KURZ everywhere in our everyday lives – with our first coffee, on the way to work and even in the laundry room. However, very few people are aware of this.

Time to change that – and make a hidden champion visible at CES 2022 and present KURZ’s fascinating portfolio to an international audience of decision-makers from the automotive, home appliance and consumer electronics industries.

The implementation

We play with visibility, invisibility and noble impression under the motto “Mission (in)visible”. The trade fair booth and accompanying communication bring KURZ to the foreground and onto the stage – physically, on the web and in social media.

The Booth

The booth is designed as a completely mirrored cube. By mirroring its surroundings, it blends seamlessly into them and achieves maximum attention with maximum aesthetics without being obtrusive – just like KURZ’s products. Inside the cube, interactive multimedia presentations invite visitors to explore KURZ’s range of products and services, bringing them out of invisibility step by step.

The concept and design have left a lasting impression: The mirror cube was nominated for the best trade show booth design and will be on “mission (in)visible” again next year.


Webpage and social assets

The accompanying communication translates the booth design into an elegant webpage and uses the cube as a starting point for a content-related deepening of the “Mission (in)visible”. Users can explore KURZ’s portfolio with a variety of renderings and interactive components – from drone racing to Swarovski crystals as noble and functional control elements in automotive interiors.
The webpage was created as a joint project: KL Company and Astral handled the design, Esirion the technical implementation, and Theim provided support as a content partner.
An extensive social media campaign used various moving image assets and other high-quality content to generate attention for the “Mission (in)visible” even before the start of the CES – rounded off by live impressions of the trade show and a wrap-up.