Customer: Siemens AG

Service: Digital Media

Underway the WUNsiedel way

Interactive application for Wunsiedel microgrid

The task
Everybody’s talking about the energy transition. The municipal utilities in Wunsiedel in Upper Franconia prefer to talk about the energy future. An overview of Wunsiedel’s microgrid shows how it’s being created.

The implementation
All networks, all producers, all consumers: The interactive application for the “House of the Future of Energy” in Wunsiedel depicts the microgrid’s technology and components. In addition to the historical, geographical, and technical development stages of the Wunsiedel grid, a simulation with real performance data shows the interaction of the components and the corresponding degree of grid self-sufficiency.

The result
The energy future is made tangible for both visitors to the “House of the Energy Future” as well as customer who are there with appointments. The Windows and iOS versions of the application are used by the sales department as a tool to explain the opportunities offered by an alternative and independent energy supply. So that even more communities can transform the energy revolution into their personal energy future.

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