Customer: Siemens AG

Service: Movie/3D/CGI

This building is a community

Reference movie of the #CreatingPerfectPlaces campaign

The task
To stage the shopping center in Sello, Finland, as a perfect place and show why it’s more than just a building with stores and cafés.

The implementation
An emotional film told from the perspective of a protagonist, which draws the viewer into the world of Sello. A website about the project complements the image perspective of the film with facts and more information about the building technology that make Sello a perfect place.

The result
An emotional film that’s a door-opener for the technology behind the scenes. As part of the #CreatingPerfectPlaces campaign, Sello uses dramatic, subjective images to show how building services can create exactly what we want: a perfect place to meet friends, have fun, and relax. 3.9 million views on YouTube testify to its appeal and visual quality.

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