Customer: Siemens AG

Service: Movie/3D/CGI

There can only be one flagship

Produktpositionierungsvideo ­für die SGT-800

The task
To position the SGT-800, the flagship of the Siemens turbine fleet, in such a way that a social media campaign of the competition runs into the void.

The implementation
An elaborate 3D production that stages the product as a hero. And because the hero has a helper in every decent story, there is one here as well: The performance enhancement that significantly increases turbine performance.

The result
No overflowing story, but pure product. Exactly what the target group wants. Engineers appreciate the aesthetics of the technology, the film shows them with surprising shots and details that explain the service and effectively stage the turbine. In an extremely short production time, the customers in Sweden and the agency in Erlangen succeeded in effectively positioning the flagship. After all, real heroes have no competition.


Dieser Meinung war auch die Jury des WorldMediaFestivals in Hamburg, die den Film mit dem Gold-Award in der Kategorie Web TV Information prämiert hat. Wir freuen uns – und schicken viele Glückwünsche und ein herzliches Dankeschön an Sofie Ritzén von Siemens in Schweden!

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