Customer: Siemens AG

Service: Movie/3D/CGI

Pioneers in the industry

Reference film for Siemens Power & Gas

The task
The oil and gas industry is facing many challenges. One of them is digitalization, another the harsh environments where it operates. When both come together on an offshore platform, extraordinary solutions are created. This is exactly what we need to show – along with them the digital competence of Siemens.

The implementation
Our Ivar Aasen reference film shows in spectacular images and subtle sentiments how the partnership between Siemens and AkerBP uses digitalization to master a highly complex environment like an offshore platform more safely and easily – with an onshore control center in Trondheim that‘s based 1:1 on its offshore counterpart. The advantages of this solution are told from the customer’s point of view. This gives the digital transformation a subjective, human dimension.

The result
A film that positions two pioneers – AkerBP and Siemens – as the digitalization leaders of the oil and gas industry. To be used at trade fairs and events and as an introduction to sales.

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