Customer: NürnbergMesse GmbH

Service: Movie/3D/CGI

Make life easier for exhibitors

Infographic film for the TicketCenter of NürnbergMesse

The task
Present the TicketCenter as a new service in the online exhibitor shop and bring its function and advantages for the exhibitors closer to them. In a production time of just six weeks.

The implementation
An infographic film with a German and English speaker who explains the complex topic clearly – in just one minute and 24 seconds. Of course in the corporate design of NürnbergMesse and with a conclusion that pays for the company claim “Turning ideas into value”.

The result
A spot landing in all areas: Timing and budget were adhered to perfectly – not least thanks to the very uncomplicated and efficient coordination on the customer side. With a film that explains a complex offer clearly and understandably.

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