Customer: Siemens AG

Service: Digital Media

And now for something completly Newton

A teaser for the oil and gas industry

The task
Show what we have, but don’t give too much away. Following this principle, we produced a teaser for our oil and gas app as gated content for our customer, the Siemens Energy Management Division. The main task was to familiarize customers with the portfolio and generate addresses for sales.

The implementation
In contrast to the actual app, the Newton version is limited to purely technical information without going into the product advantages. This is because the customer didn‘t want to make its benefit arguments available to the competition. The rest of its functionality, however, is the same as that of the actual sales app. The restricted access generates customer data for the subsequent sales contact.

The result
The teaser has become a veritable communication tool for internal and external partners. At the same time, the addresses generated are used for sales activities and customer contact.

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